Canadians for Responsible Food Policy acknowledges that we are situated and operating throughout the country now called Canada, in which exist many traditional territories of the Indigenous people(s), who called the land home before the arrival of settlers.


Furthermore, our team recognizes the need to amplify and support the BIPOC and marginalized communities and as such, we have developed an anti-oppression, anti-racism statement which our Board and any representative of CRFP must stand by.

Latest Blogs & News

Avian flu, also known as Bird flu, H5N1 or HPAI, continues to be found in cow’s milk and has been confirmed in yet more American states, this time in Michigan and Idaho, the locations inching closer to Canada.

Last week, the USDA found traces of avian flu in Kansas cows’ milk after a month of reports of mysterious illness in dairy cows in New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Idaho and Ohio. By the time sick cows were first reported to the USDA in late February, it had spread to 15 herds in the Texas Panhandle.

The USDA has not ruled out the possibility cows are spreading it between themselves. It also considers wild birds as a source of infection. Therefore, it is suggested to limit cows’ access to anywhere where they might come in contact with wild birds, or anywhere outside. 

On March 20, 2024, a baby goat was reported sick with avian flu in Minnesota. The goat lived on a chicken farm, where an outbreak had previously been reported.

There are now reports of cats also being infected with the same virus…..

A mission To Promote Health, Environmental, and Social Justice Outcomes

Our mission is to change Federal food and agricultural policy to support a shift to a plant-based food system.

A Vision To Be The Driver Of Change In The Canadian Food System.

CRPF will be the main source of information with a comprehensive report for referencing. With strategic campaigns, we will lobby the Government to shift towards plant-based policies.


Our Three Main Courses of Action

Lobby The canadian Federal Government & policy makers

We continue to launch strategic campaigns such as the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy consultation submission, increasing plant-based Federal food procurement, and other forms of advocating for the Canadian Government to adopt responsible food policies.

Analyze the Impacts Of Food System Policies & Make Recommendations

Through various campaigns and research projects, we are consistently examining healthy & sustainable alternatives.

We are currently applying for funding to help model the impacts of different policies and make recommendations on this basis.

Inform Decision Makers & The Public About Responsible Food Policies

Our team is working on preparing a comprehensive report on government support to agriculture in Canada. We will equip those looking to share information with the right tools and media.

How We Use Donations

Lobbying Efforts

Costs involved with connecting to policy makers and Government officials. These can include travel, preparing and delivering communications, media to deliver presentations and information during meetings, associated campaign costs and more.

Online Campaigns

Drawing attention to as many people as possible using the power of Google Ads and Social Media. Launch particular campaigns with messaging that targets specific demographics to draw the attention to the need for plant-based food system.

General Operations

Minimal costs associated with operating the non-profit organization - including newsletter platforms, domain and website hosting, data analytics applications, donation platforms, banking, and any other general operating costs.

Upcoming Events

LOBBYING YOUR MP: Strategy Meeting Sunday, April 28, 2024, 5PM Eastern Time

I, the undersigned, would like the Canadian Food Guide to be operationalized, beginning with the Canadian federal government introducing public education campaigns educating Canadians on the 2019 dietary guidelines.