Want to Provide Input Towards A Sustainable Agriculture Plan?

The Government of Canada launched the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy “SAS” Consultation Document, asking members of the public, organizations, etc. to provide input towards their 2030 emissions targets.

CRFP is asking organizations and the public, who are interested in addressing the environmental, health and economical benefits of adopting a more plant-based food system, to contribute to the consultation document by either filling in their online survey, or, submitting a letter.

We have made this process as easy as possible and will be making “SAS Participation Parties” available for those needing assistance.

–>This campaign is undertaken in collaboration with the Coalition for a Sustainable Food Transition.

Filling Out The Online Survey

The Online Survey is comprised of 3 sections consisting of multiple subjects to address. To assist you in filling this out, our team has prepared a Google Drive sheet or, The Answer Bank, with multiple ideas of answers. We ask that no one copies & pastes these answers, as the answers will be discarded – only paraphrase!

We’ve also set up links to articles to help you get educated on certain subjects.

Lastly, we’ve created 3 separate “SAS Participation Parties”, run in English only, on March 23, 26 and 28, which you can register to attend.

Writing and Emailing a Letter

This is the more personal approach, through which you can write and email the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada department, directly.

The same as for the online version, we’ve provided many links towards articles that can support your letter. The more accessible facts, the better, to support your stance.

We recommend opening the online survey so you can see what information the government is looking for — it can be screened through without entering any information.

You are welcome to attend the “SAS Participation Parties” for assistance.

Need Further Information? Send us a Message

Find our How-Tos Video on filling out the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy here!

Any questions? Need help? email us – hello@responsiblefoodpolicy.ca

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